Upgradable Shulkers

PrismaticRay PrismaticRay: 24 days ago

I had an idea since there looks to be a massive amount of boss loot dropping from a couple kills. So I wanted to suggest upgradeable shulker boxes where it would cost you a certain amount of something(idk what, would be up to devs) and your shulker could hold 54 stacks instead of the default 27. Of course this is a single upgrade with no stacking or it would be too op. I was also told about a request from earlier about player vaults or pvs so honestly either is fine but the shulkers I feel would fit the theme better since this is a custom smp with a lot of custom items. Just a suggestion of course :)


Ripperfame Ripperfame: 20 days ago

Sounds good to me.

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