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6 days ago
UrthMC MMO RPG Beta/Early Access

NetherCraft has partnered with ImaginaryRealms to develop UrthMC's unique and custom MMO RPG experience.

UrthMC is an MMO-RPG MineCraft Project dedicated to bringing adventurers a unique and immersive experience in a completely custom world with seemingly endless points of interest, quests, bosses and dungeons! The UrthMC team has designed and developed an immersive universe where adventurers will always be able to constantly find new, exciting & challenging experiences the more they explore this unigue Custom Universe.

Start your adventure now to discover all of our unique & custom mobs or master your favorite Skill Classes.

Beta-Testers/Early Access Players will receive exclusive rewards at the Official Launch of UrthMC

If you would like to apply for Early Access or to be a Beta Tester, simply click here

17 days ago
Java / Bedrock Edition Cross-Play Support

Hello Everyone! 👋
All NetherCraft Minecraft Server(s) are now officially 100% Cross-Play Compatible!!! Connecting to a Java Server from the PC Version of Bedrock Edition is as simple as connecting to a server on regular Java!

If you are connecting to a Java Server from console for the first time and need help setting this up, please Join our Discord HERE and open a ticket.

IP Address: play.nethercraft.gg
Bedrock Port: 30006

28 days ago
🏯 Creative Server Launch 🏯

🔨👷🎉 [1.17.1] NetherCraft Creative Plots 🎉👷🔨

We are excited to announce we are nearing the completion of our Creative Server and preparing for Beta Launch!!!

When Available: To Join, simply click the NPC in the Hub/Lobby to join Creative. (Be sure you are on MineCraft version 1.17.X)

Beta Launch Date: 9/18/2021 12am EST

What to do? ANYTHING you want! It's creative..

Can I get more Plots? Absolutely!!! Though they will likely not be available during Beta Launch, simply vote here to receive FREE Vote Crate Keys for a chance to earn vouchers and other rewards for creative.



about 1 month ago
Introducing Yourself

Hey there! I'm UpInSmoke, and you are?
This an updated guide about the Introduce Yourself sub-forum!

What is the Introduce Yourself sub-forum?
This sub-forum should be used for all members of the forums as a way to say hello and introduce themselves.


Are there rules for introductions?
The only rules you have to obey are the forum and network rules found HERE.
Also, make sure that you never include any personal information in your introduction!
Outside of that be as creative as you like!

Looking to show off your channel or video? Go HERE.
Looking for help? Join DISCORD.


about 1 month ago
Website is now open! [BETA]

Welcome to nethercraft.gg, the site is currently open in a Beta-Release.

If you experience any issues or bugs please let us know!

If you haven't already, join our discord and come chat with us!